Portfolio Show And Onward.

September 12th, 2009 was the day of our programs Portfolio Show. Two years of hard work, dedication, long hours, shortage of sleep, and countless of hairs pulled finally led up to one of the most amazing shows! All the aches and pains wore well worth the ending product of the two year success that is our 2009-2010 Graduate Class. It is a hard thing to move on after forming great friendships and being around each other 24/7 but as the graduates are excited to move on to a bright future as professionals in the photo industry, the teachers are even more happy to send them off with all the knowledge and talent that has passed through. Here are some fun photos we gathered from the night. If you view our students blogs, there have been many posts made with photos from the night.

Now that being said, today was the start of, not only the new Upper Quarter’s year, but also the start of fresh new faces to the GTC 2-Year Photography Program. New talents have shown up and we are greatly excited to see what will come of this lower quarter’s class. So ends a great 2 years of memories and a batch full of talented individuals that leads into a new beginning of raw artists full of new aspirations.


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