Today was the first day of judging for the 2010 International Print Competition.  In the past, voting has been done with toggle switches from the judges, and the results were handwritten and recorded.  Utilizing the recent advances in technology, The PPA decided to go completely electronic.

The judges were given personal ipods which were connected to a computer through bluetooth.  The computer was connected to a barcode scanner.  Each print was scanned and queued for judging.  Being the first day, it took everyone a little time to become accustomed to the new system.  As expected, things were slow at first but quickly picked up momentum after lunch.  The day recovered nicely.

The new system is going to revolutionize the way judging is done.  It is also paving the way for digital submissions for the PPA International Print Competition.  Good thing are to come!

Judges familiarize themselves with their new “buzzers”

Ron & Brian troubleshooting


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