Congratulations Starr!

SkillsUSA, Photography, Silver Medal Winner

Gwinnett Technical College’s photography student Starr Petronella placed second at the National SkillsUSA Championships in June earning a national medal in photography.

The 2011 National SkillsUSA Championships showcase the skills of post-secondary students through hands-on competitions in leadership, health occupations, trades/industry and technical contests.

Starr Petronella, a second year commercial photography student from Atlanta, won the silver medal in photography.  The judges also chose her image as ‘The Best Picture’ in the Print Competition.  In addition to placing second, Starr won the following prizes:

$5,000 scholarship to Art Institute
Nikon D3100
Adobe Software

Starr says ‘it was a memorable experience.  The competition is a great way to challenge your skills and knowledge.’  She encourages other students to participate next year ‘because even when you don’t think you have a chance to win, the outcome may be surprising. Don’t give up.’

Starr’s ultimate goal is to have her own studio.  Her photography interests are in fashion and would one day like to work with a publication.


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