Portfolio Judging Day has arrived!

Every year, each graduating class from the GTC photography program has an opportunity to have their portfolios judged by some prestigious names in the photography community. Portfolios are judged with the highest and most current industry standards. Every image must have a solid concept and composition, and be technically sound and visually interesting. This year there are 19 graduates being judged and someone will walk away with the honor of Best Portfolio for their class. Here are some highlights from the morning and the winners will be announced soon!! Congrats GTC Photo class of 2011! There have been long days, sleepless nights and a lot of heart and soul poured into these final days, enjoy it!

Lots of chaos, phone calls and donuts early this morning!

A lot of team work happening to meet the 10am deadline!

The class presented program director Sheri Finch with a gift of apprecition..

The Judges hard at work late into the day to grade all of the portfolios.


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