This Week on ACP: “To Be Published or Self Publish”?

Wed, Oct 5, 6:30pm – 8pm

The print-on-demand revolution has opened up new publishing possibilities for photographers; it has never been easier or more affordable to produce and market a book of your photographs. The traditional publishing path has the advantage of a highly specialized team that brings experience with design, production, marketing and distribution systems to the table. In a self-publishing scenario you can create exactly the book you envision, but without the input and expertise of seasoned professionals at a publishing house. Which scenario is best for you?

In this illustrated presentation, creative consultant, author, and educator Mary Virginia Swanson will discuss both avenues to publishing and help participants determine the pros/cons of each, sharing resources from her recent title with coauthor Darius Himes, Publish Your Photography Book (Princeton Architectural Press, Spring 2011).

Special guest photographer Laura Noel and publisher Bill Boling of Fall Line Press will discuss their journey together in publishing “Free Fall”. Time will be allocated for Q&A with Swanson, Noel and Boling following their presentations.

Portfolio Center
125 Bennett St.
Atlanta, GA 30309
p: (404) 351-5055
For more information go to:


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