Skills USA Winners!

Congratulations to the Skills USA winners!  They will go on to compete at the statewide competition in March.  A big thanks to our esteemed judge, John Amis, for coming in to pick the victors. Below you will find the winning images as well as brief bio about Mr. Amis.

First Place: Robin Reuter


Second Place: Nick Smith

Nick Smith

Third Place: Rich Donaldson


John Amis (Juror Bio):

Upon graduation from the University of North Alabama with a degree in photography in 1987, John Amis began his professional career working as an assistant to a commercial photographer. From there he took a job as a photographer for a chain of weekly newspapers in Orlando, Fl where he eventually became the chief photographer. That outfit closed and he moved on to become a staff photographer for a small daily newspaper in Winter Haven, Fl. After a few years there he quit to freelance in the photojournalism industry, which he has done ever since. He has worked in Atlanta for over 10 years for various news organizations with his most close relationship being with The Associated Press. Although the bulk of his experience is in editorial photography, he divides his time between that and the many other facets of photography that exist. So in other words : he got an education, still started at the bottom, worked his way up, and has the philosophy “if someone is willing to pay for it he is willing to shoot it”

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