Recreate a Portrait

For Portraiture I, the students were asked to choose a historical or contemporary portrait photograph or a classical portrait painting and to try to recreate that portrait. Easier said than done, but they did a great job! Can you guess which images they were recreating?



Tilt/Shift and Still Life

In Camera Techniques II, the students were recently tasked with using the tilt/shift lenses to make a full scale scene look “miniature”.  They also were given an assignment to create a still life scene and photograph it with the aid of an external flash.  I received some great images for both assignments, here are a few of the highlights.

Strobe Party

This week in Camera Techniques II, we learned about advanced flash features such as Multi-Mode and Slow Speed Sync.  Check out some of the fun we had practicing with “stroboscopic” style photography  (multiple flashes over the course of one exposure.)