Visual Theory II Painting With Light Demonstration


3 Point or Triangle Lighting

After just 3 weeks of a crash course in film making, we jumped into the Studio to discuss lighting. Because after all, lighting makes or breaks even the best cameras and scripts.

We are walking through a simple 3 Point lighting set up, including a Key Light, Fill Light and the Back Light or Hair Light. These 3 instruments are placed in a triangle around the subject.

We also tried something new this week for my class. I am crowd sourcing all the Behind the Scenes photos via my Students and Instagram. Make sure to check their links, we have a really talented group this semester.

IG01-400px IG02-400px IG03-400px IG04-400px

Instagram Photo Credits:
@merry_muntean | @dbl3photography | @marymorgan2192

Portrait Extra Credit Challenge

After a lecture on contemporary portraiture, the students in Camera Techniques I were given two hours to produce a black and white portrait of one of their classmates.   Congratulations to the winning photographers: Julia Duffy (for her quirky environmental portrait of David) and Kelli Pace/Elizabeth Carter (for their creative magazine based concept).   I’ve posted a few other honorable mentions below as well.

Kelli Pace and Elizabeth Carter

by Julia Duffy


Halloween Extra Credit

This past monday I split up my camera techniques class into groups and gave them an extra credit challenge.  They had two hours to conceive, shoot, edit, and submit a black and white, halloween themed photo that included all group members.  The results were both humorous, weird and creepy.  After compiling votes from all photo faculty and staff, I’m proud to announce the winning group: Brian Hadden, Meredith Muntean, Michelle Maney, and Kelsey Simpson.  The girls looked genuinely terrified of Brian, well done!


Canon Visit

Earlier this week, we had a visit from Fred Metzler and Mark Karwisch, our local Canon representatives.  They were nice enough to show our students some of their latest gear including some super cool Cinema cameras.  Thanks to Ms. Chappell for shooting a few images of the proceedings.